Houston Transformer Company, LTD. is a leading manufacturer of custom designed transformers, inductors, chokes and related magnetic devices since 1969.  Some of our specialty products are designed to operate at temperatures in excess of 250° Centigrade (482° Fahrenheit). Most are used in critical applications and extreme environments, from oil well exploration tools to medical instruments, from aerospace to high reliability military applications, our products have been relied upon to deliver and perform with utmost dependability. Like our products, our engineering, manufacturing, and administrative staff also have a reputation of dependability and performance. We pride ourselves in our commitment to servicing our customers. We have received many awards, plaques and letters from our customers expressing their appreciation for our dedication to delivery, reliability and quality commitments.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities range from sub-miniature surface mount devices to units of 1,000 pounds or more. We can build units with custom cut core configurations including toroidal, bobbin, layer wound, water-cooled, transposed windings, metal coil devices and self-supporting coils. Our machine shop and sheet metal departments, located on site, enable us to produce our own metal bobbins, case and collar locators, sensors and magnetic impulse detectors. The sheet metal department is fully equipped to supply NEMA boxes, cases, cabinets and other environmental protective enclosures.

We operate in a spotlessly clean, well-organized and climate controlled 33,000 square foot facility in Houston, Texas. The engineering staff has over 75 years of design experience, our production workers are a seasoned manufacturing work force and we have a full staff of administrative employees.

The Company goals as we move forward are:

  • Unwavered customer focus
  • Growth from entry into new markets
  • Development of new products
  • Continuous improvement in all areas through the application of cutting edge technology
  • Process improvements targeted to reduce cycle times