Having an on-site machine shop affords Houston Transformer Company an advantage over other custom transformer manufacturers. It affords the ability to quick prototype, as lead times are usually high for custom machined parts and HTC can get started as soon as material is on hand. Having a full staff of machinist allows for product development without depending on outside machine shops to develop a process then prototype. Bobbins (plastic and metal), brackets, solenoid cases, enclosures, NEMA enclosures, etc. can all be machined out of a variety of materials, with various plating and coating options.

  • Fully Staffed Machine Shop
  • Quick Prototyping of Machined Parts
  • A Variety of Machined Parts (bobbins, brackets, cases, enclosures)
  • A Variety of Materials and Platings/Coatings Available
  • Large Stock of Materials on Hand